Why I Love This Laptop Cover (And You Should, Too!)


I’m still working on a few finishing pieces for my home office!  I was looking for a little something to add texture to the space and soften the room.  It was looking a little stark and cold.

I was excited to receive an email about the most adorable laptop cover from The T Spot!!!! I headed over to the site.  It was super cute and offers much more then the laptop covers.

“The T Spot is a lifestyle site that is dedicated to all people from all different walks of life. It was created to motivate, uplift, and be the gasoline on the fire in your heart that fuels you to keep going when everything and everyone around you is telling you to stop. I hope that we can share our experiences whether they are joyous or painful, and learn how to make this life our best life, because it is our only life.” ~ Teiwoh Kandeh

Because of my obsession with fur–faux and real!! I was so excited to get my cover! The cover arrived in two pieces, which I didn’t expect, it was the fur cover for the back of my MacBook Pro and a clear cover for the bottom of the computer.  It comes in four colors–blue, a very rich purple, white, and PINK!!

I ordered the pink cover!  The T Spot offers multiple size covers for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.  Each cover is $43 but right now my followers can get the cover for 20% off by using the code: thepnkpanda  Perfect gift for the glam girl!!  And a great way to support a small business for the holiday! Click here to order!

Doesn’t it look cute in my office!




Let me know what you think and send me some links to your home office so I can “steal” some ideas!! 🙂

Pink Faux Fur Laptop Cover ~ $43




The Pnk Panda participates in sponsored posts.  This post is a collaborative post with The T Spot Inc.  All items were purchased by me at a discount and opinions are my own.

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