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The Positivity Charge Retreat Detroit 2017




It’s been a minute.  Blogging, working, “mom”ing, and “wife”ing can definitely take its toll.  I have so many drafts of posts that I just had to take a minute to breath.

I received an invite to attend a retreat called The Positivity Charge.  I immediately scrunched my nose.  That’s what you do when you’re in a negative space.  So I said, you know what I just need to go and do exactly what the invite said.  Recharge. Connect. Build Your Brand.

The Positivity Charge is a health and wellness day retreat in which attendees are exposed to methods positive thinking to cultivate success in all areas of their life.  Did you know that research consistently supports that positive thinkers are better at building skills, boosting health, and improving work outcomes?  The TPC focuses on 3 main areas of health practices: BUILD, FUEL, and BODY.  Health is the sum of what we do in any given day, and the TPC program uniquely provides attendees the means to become a better version of YOU.

TPC is co-founded by Parisha Smith and Dr. Rubina Tahir, following their personal, positive journey to fuel stronger health and wellness initiatives.

The goal of the day was to provide a day of empowerment that focuses on self-care practices, so you can thrive.  Health is the sum of what we do in any given day, and we are here to give you all the tools you need to be your best healthy self.

The day began with a meet and greet.  There was music, a coffee bar, and plenty of snacks to get you going for the day.  We were asked to come in workout gear and to bring our yoga mats.  After that it was short meditation.  Then we went into a very stimulating workout from PureBarre then yoga with Anjali Romaniuk.  Each session definitely brought our energy up.  After a quick snack break (vegan carrot cake muffins, yum!) and team building activity we hit up the vendors!  Black Brew Tea took all my little money!



The workshop sessions were themed.  You were allowed to preselect the one that was right for you when you purchased your tickets.  I chose to attend the BUILD workshop led by Alex Jona, Founder of BrandBarr.  I really enjoyed the session.  The focus of her session was:

  • The importance of a strong identity
  • How to attract through grassroots efforts.
  • Building a brand voice, and
  • applying your brand to social media and content marketing

The takeaway that really stood out to me was finding your “purple cow”.  What makes your business stand out.  What would you do with your business if you weren’t afraid?


Following the workshop we heard from the Keynote Speaker, Nikita Chopra who spoke on the importance of self love. I was unable to stay for the final speaker (football mom life) but I left the day feeling cleansed, refreshed, and motivated to tackle my goals for my blog.  The day was even better because I got to hang out with my blogger friend The Suburban Fashionista.


The next time The Positivity Charge is in town, I definitely encourage you to buy a ticket!

Until next time dolls…





*ticket sponsored by The Positivity Charge, opinions by me…

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