The #1 Way to Save Your Feet This Holiday Season!!!



Let’s talk.  I have worn heels since I was 16. I’m 5’2.  I have been fine until I hit my 30.  I hit 30 and my feet just said–NO, MA’AM–we are not having it.  So I usually only wear them on special occasions now.  And my travel flats stay on deck!!!  I just had a two hour event and decided to wear my favorite Pour La Victoire Metallic Pumps!  Now the way my feet are set up, I have to do something to not limp around.  LOL!  I knew I would be standing the entire time, so when Sole Patches sent me a sample of their adhesive pads I knew they would be perfect to try for this event.  Check out their video below!!

I decided to put them on my foot versus affix them to my shoe.  Very bad idea.  By the end of hour one they had moved out of place.  I quickly made an adjustment and affixed them to my shoe.  The adhesive was still sticky enough to adhere to my shoe.  That worked and allowed me to last the rest of the evening pain free!  Save your feet for only $10. Click here to try Sole Patches!!



Happy Holidays!

Sole Patches – Packet of 6 – $9.95


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