Best Way to Mix Prints – with JustFab & Marshalls



When It All Falls Down…

It’s been a rough couple of months.  My family has experienced a great deal of loss that’s just been extremely overwhelming.  I took a break that lasted longer than I expected.  I’ve been taking care of my husband that has lost three members of his family within the last four months.  I don’t think that anything could prepare anyone for that kind of loss.



A New Normal

Glad to be back blogging, it can definitely be a form of therapy.  He’s my photographer and this has been a way to help him get back to a new “normal”.  For me shopping always helps as well.  I do my best thinking looking through racks of clothing! While digging around in Marshalls I found this super cute top. I love the stripes and the way the stripes curve on the back.  I think it adds an interesting detail.  I paired it with the Persefinee block heel sandals from JustFab.  I love the contrast of the horizontal stripes on the heel and the vertical stripes on the top.  The florals are a subtle way to mix prints if you’re just trying it out.

How have you helped a spouse, friend, or even yourself through this type of loss?  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Till next week dolls,

pp_main_notagline_mediumTop – Marshalls – $16.99

Persefinee Heels –  Just Fab – $19.97

W57th Schoolbag – Henri Bendel $139.00

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