Just Fab Sells Clothes??


So I love Just Fab.  I mean who doesn’t want to pick a shoe of their choice for $39.95 a month!  It’s a no brainer, right?  I was equally pleased when they expanded their straight size clothing to offer larger sizes, over the moon when they eventually launched a plus size collection, AND the Project Runway collaboration!

But before I ordered I paused because I know I can order shoes from them buuuut clothes?  I admit, I did hesitate.  I love to shop online but I prefer to go into a store front and try things on.  That way if I order from them online in the future I have a general idea about sizing


On sale right now! $29.97
Click here to purchase.

Fast forward to a few weeks I realized I had a credit with Just Fab.  I saw this sleeveless vest and had to have it.  It was not even in the “plus size” section. It doesn’t have a lining and it’s listed as faux wool, but I liked the quality.  I think it’s perfect for this spurt of warm weather we are having in Michigan this week!

Are you shopping at Just Fab?  What are your favorite finds?

PP_Main_NoTagline_OriginalSleeveless Vest – JustFab – $30

HiLo Tunic –  Forever21Plus – $15

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