How I Incorporate Trends Into My Wardrobe

Hey there!  It’s Wednesday, time to #FlexYourFinds.  How many of us have seen those super gorgeous Gucci Cruise 2017 bags trending right now?  Is your hand up?  Mine is too!  I love Gucci!  But let’s be clear these bags are an investment.  When I look to purchase high end I will go for a more classic bag that will last through several seasons.  But I love what Alessandro Michele has been doing with the brand.  The Gucci Cruise 2017 Collection gave me everything I need!


While I love high end brands, these bags are super trendy.  They’re hot now but probably not so much in a year.  Who are we kidding?  They might not be hot next season.  So I tend to look for inspired versions of high end bags that are trending.  My #flexyourfind this week are these little beauties.  Super cute, inspired bags from Aldo that are budget friendly!

Euroline $31-52 In store only! In Detroit Metro Area try Somerset and Fairlane!

What do you think?  Would you try inspired bags or are you strictly a high end girl?  Would you purchase one of these bags from Aldo? Let me know in the comments!

Til next time dolls!

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