How To Flex Your Fashion Finds in 2017

It’s 2017!! Happy New Year!!  I know that everyone talks about the changes they want to bring into the New Year, but I want to talk to you about something I plan to KEEP doing in 2017!  “FlexMyFinds” is what I will continue this year in an effort to save more coins.  “FlexMyFinds” is taking what I have IN MY CLOSET and flexing it instead of always running to buy something new.

Mr. Pnk Panda and I were kid free (yay) and decided to spend New Year’s Eve having a nice dinner out.  Since it was the last minute I didn’t have anything new to wear.  Instead of trying to run out and get something, I marched right upstairs to my closet.  I had a sequined skirt I purchased last year from Lane Bryant.  At first, I hesitated since I am wearing it on the title page of the blog.  But then I thought, how can I flex this into a new outfit!!

Last season Sequin Skirt ~ Lane Bryant (similar here)

Option 1:  Wear it as a sleeveless Hi-Lo Dress

Option 2:  Wear my skirt as a sleeveless shirt

Cool, right?  I took one skirt and made two outfits! It’s something that I do all the time but I have never been intentional about it.  And I never considered doing it to SAVE some money.  I decided to go with wearing it as a dress!!


Tell me how you #FlexYourFinds!!!  

Are you going to “shop” in your closet this year?

Happy New Year Dolls!

Skirt ~ Lane Bryant  ~ $75 (similar here)

Fleece Tights ~  TJMaxx ~  $6.99 (similar here)

Sam Edelman Pumps ~ TJMaxx ~ $50 (similar here)

Fur Collar ~ TJMaxx ~ $40 (similar here)

Silver ~ DSW ~ Old (similar here)

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