How I Added Some Zest to My Home Office!

Hey y’all!!! So, I have posted a few photos of my home office (aka get away from the kids room).  I am almost done with it.  I just want to change out the flooring, add a new rug, more chairs, and a light fixture.  Ok, ok, I’m really far from being finished.  I am waiting on my wonderful husband to do the flooring so I felt I needed to add some zest to the space to make myself feel better (emotional spending :().  So when Brownstone Closets had a sale, I had to support her business.  (check her out here).  Brownstone Closets has the most adorable ways to give your spaces some zest.  I mean she specializes in Organized Chic Living, how can you not love that?!!! I decided to add my Instagram handle to the space by ordering the Partially Dressed Sequined Letters.  Next up on my list is the Adult Sequined Hangers for my garment racks.  Super cute, right!


Here are a few of my other favorite products!

Head on over to Brownstone Closets to show her some love. Tell me the places where you shop to add zest to your decor! And if you can help me with a light fixture, PLEASE comment below!

Have a great week dolls!

Gold Wall Dots – Etsy

Desk/Shelves – IKEA

Boxes/Pictures – HomeGoods

Pillows – Hobby Lobby

All products purchased by me, with love…

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