How Forever21+ Heats Up Plus Size!


So a few months ago I took an InstaStories poll about a Forever21+ dress I was thinking about wearing on my anniversary.  After everyone said I should, I decided to go for it.  I purchased the dress from Forever21+ thinking, “let’s see how this goes”.  As I am sure you know Forever21+ fabric quality and sizing can be super iffy.  It was a new item when I bought it so there were no reviews but in the details I noticed that they had a disclaimer that the brand was not a Forever21+ brand.  So this leads me to believe that they are buying from wholesale brands like boutiques do.  I also noticed a MonifC swimsuit too.  I said “ok, ok, way to step it up” but that price point was definitely a MonifC price point.  That was fine though since she has a quality product.  But I digress.  So I was nervous to say the least about what it would look like.

Delivery:  Fail

My first issue was it took double the time their normal delivery.  Not happy.  But the dress was worth the wait. It fit really well.

Fabric/Quality:  Decent

Fabric, meh!  I would not recommend wearing this on a hot day.  That poly & ester blend was not a good look in the heat.

Style/Dramatic:  Awesome

The cape was very dramatic.  I really loved that part.  I did get it cut and hemmed because I am super short.





The Verdict

So would I purchase again from their new brands?  Absolutely.  I like the introduction of newer styles, the price is still affordable, and I hope they will work on delivery.

Are you shopping at Forever21+ or Forever21?  What do you think about their introduction to other brands?

Till next week dolls,

Plus Size Cape Mini Dress – Forever21+ –  $35 (similar here)
Hazel – JustFab – $20
Silver Hoops – OldNavy – $8 (similar here)

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