Body Positivity + Valentine’s Day


So as my Valentine’s Day outfit quest continued, I saw so many dresses that I loved.  And for the first time I acknowledged that inner voice saying, “you can’t wear that!”.  I was like “wow”.  Has that always been there?  As I reflected I have taken many fashion risks over the years, not really caring what anyone thought about what I was wearing.  But after my third child and the new layer of fluff that I gained, I didn’t realize that I was self criticizing until this dress search.  I will go on Instagram and comment, uplift, and support women of all sizes for wearing what they want.  Why the heck was I censoring myself??  Now I believe in appropriate shape wear, smoothing out curves, etc. But I was passing up dresses that would probably have looked great on me.  I even sent some of them to my sister in law.

I did a little research on the Body Positive Movement and saw that they even offer classes, trainings, and workshops of practicing self-care and quieting that critical voice.  I asked myself, “am I in that place?”.  I said nah, not today Satan.  I said a quick prayer to rebuke that voice and bought this super cute dress from Rebdolls!  Especially since it was $24.05.  I was going to suck it up–and in.  LOL!

“All Eyes On Me Dress”
Small, Medium, 2X, 3X left

The fit is the Rebdolls dress was generous.  I definitely would size down for my next purchase.  I decided that we could have a little photoshoot for our weekly date night since I loved the way the dress fit when it arrived!  I put on my spanx, put some double sided tape on this dress to keep it from exposing my strapless bra, and went for it!!!  I think the outtakes are our best photos!  We had fun!



Are you struggling to be body positive? Are you happily body positive?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

All Eyes of Me Dress ~ Rebdolls ~ $24.05

Black Pumps ~  Sam Edelman ~ $50

All items purchased by me with love…

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